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  Why study in Russia?
  As you must be aware, Russia has always been in the forefront in the field of education and more specifically medicine, engineering, aviation, aerospace and other fields. Besides the mentioned specialization, Russia has been offering practically all specializations known to mankind. For example, There are about 50 medical colleges in Russia. All of these institutes are well-equipped with excellent research labs and teaching staff. The Russian degrees in Medicine are globally recognized and have got excellent ranking by WHO and UNESCO. Russia has some of the best medical colleges in the world. Out of the top 100 medical colleges in the world, about 30 are from Russia. Students get a very broad exposure to clinical practice due to highly equipped multispeciality government hospitals
The greatest advantage of studying medicine in Russia is that the study expenses in Russia are very low as compared to that of western countries (due to grants received from the government of the Russian Federation). You can expect to complete your MBBS course in around Rs. 8 lakhs to 14 lakhs.
  Is the Russian medical degree valid internationally?
  Yes, the Russian medical degree is valid internationally and all over Europe. It is also approved by the Medical and Dental council of India and you are eligible for giving the screening test after which you are eligible to work in any government or private hospitals in India
  Is it necessary to know the Russian language?
  Since the medium of instruction is English, it’s not necessary to know Russian language for students of Engineering and other courses, but knowing the language will be an added advantage for your during your stay in Russia.
Conversational Russian is taught to medical students during their course as they would need it to interact with patients etc.
  How do students hailing from tropical regions manage during the winter season?
  Hostels, classrooms, libraries, laboratories, malls, cafes, sporting halls and practically all indoor areas are centrally heated and everyone can be seen wearing casual clothes as they would in any tropical country.
All our students are given detailed advice as to what precautions to take while outdoors, what kind of clothes to carry etc so they can enjoy the winter without any kind of trouble; all during the pre departure orientation that takes place before they leave for Russia.
  What are the minimum eligibility requirements to apply for Medical studies in Russia?
  The minimum eligibility requirements for Indian students as per rule set by the Medical Council of India for recognised Russian medical colleges are as follows:
  • 10+2 pass with minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (40% in case of SC/ST)
  • Minimum age of applicant must be 17 years
  Do I need to qualify for any English test like IELTS or TOEFL before seeking admission into Russian Universities?
  No, it is not mandatory, but there are educational support programs available for those who need extra help in areas such as ESL or who have learning disorders.
  What is the duration of various Medical Courses in Russia?
  In Russia, Medical courses are offered in either English, Russian or French as the medium of instruction as per the requirement of the student.
English / French Medium
  • General Medicine - 6 years
  • Dental - 5 years
  • Sports Medicine - 6 years

Russian Medium

  • General Medicine - 7 years (Includes 1 year language course).
  • Dental - 6 years (Includes 1 year language course).
  • Sports Medicine - 7 years (Includes 1 year language course).
(If the medium of instruction is Russian, then the six years medical course will be preceded by a ten months preparatory course in Russian language) 

On completion of the 6 years medical course, you will be awarded with MD-Physician (Doctor of Medicine), which is recognized by the Medical Council of India, as equivalent to MBBS in India
  Academic year in Russia
  In Russia, the academic session starts in September. There are two semesters in an academic year, September to January and February to June. The first semester exams are held in January and the second term exams are held in June. You can enjoy two vacations in an academic calendar – one in January-February and the other in July-August
  What are the major documents required for admission into Russian Medical Universities?
  You must be ready with the following documents before applying to any Russian Medical Universities –
Undergraduate Study:
  • Application form
  • Standard 10th, 11th & 12th marksheets’ notarized Xerox copies
  • 16 personal passport-sized photographs.(matt paper)
           Postgraduate Study:
  • Notarized Diploma of higher Medical university education certifying the degree of a Doctor of Medicine, including a record of performance
  • Certificate of secondary education and diploma attested by Ministry of Human Resources Development and legalized by the Russian Embassy in India
  • Application form
  • Notarized copy of birth certificate
  • Medical certificate with all necessary laboratory test results including HIV test
  • 12 personal passport-sized photographs (matt paper)
           Individual universities may have additional requirements. Please check with us before applying.
  Hostel facility for international students ?
  European standard hostel accommodations with all modern amenities are available for international students. They can either be student hostels in the campus area or standard city hostels.
  Living expenses in Russia
  Living expenses in Russia are significantly less as compared to that of western countries. Living expenses for students are around US$ 200 per month in Moscow. Expenses in other cities come to around US$ 120-180 per month.
  Are students eligible for education loans? If yes, how can I apply for the same?
  Yes, students are eligible for education loans. Most of our students (especially those going to study Medicine) opt to go in for these education loans that are offered by nationalized as well as scheduled banks and facilitated by EduRussia through our close association with the banks.
The loans are generally given on the name of the student and not the parent (which is optional) and students start the repayment once they start earning themselves, after finishing the course.
For more information, please speak to our counselors on any of the aforementioned numbers. Interested students are free to avail of complete step by step guidance offered for the same during the initial Registration and Application process.