His Excellency The Consul General of The Russian Federation recognizing EDURUSSIA as the official promoters of Russian Government Universities




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Around 30 Russian Universities rank in the list of the Top 100 Medical Universities of the world and are all listed with The World Directory of Medical Schools.
Upon successfully completing the course in the premium Russian universities where we guide our students, the student receives an European Appendix along with the degree, which means that the degree is at par with a degree received in any country of the European Union and enjoys equal international recognition and prestige. This means that after completing your course in Russia, you can apply for post-graduation or employment in any European country without having to appear for any screening tests.Additional recognition: USMLE, PLAB, DCI, AMC, PMDC, All African Medical Councils, In the UAE without any licensing test.

(Undergraduate) B.D.S. (tuition in Russian or English): course duration - 5 years inclusive of internship.
(Master’s) M.D.S. (tuition in Russian or English): course duration - 3 years inclusive of internship.
    PhD: course duration – 3 years.

Russian Government Medical Universities are listed with the World Directory of Medical Schools. Recognition of Dental Degrees awarded in the Russian Federation as per the amendment of Indian Dental Council Act (amended in the 2009) and implemented from August 2009 onwards, the link of the relevant notice is as follows http://www.dciindia.org/annoncment_pdf_files/pdf_files/SCREENINGTESTGAZETTE.PDF
From the information given in the gazette above, aspiring students are informed that they can apply for admission into BDS / MDS into the recognized universities and register their degrees in India and / or in any country of the world.